Senior School Staff

Nottingham High School

Please find below a list of all of our wonderful staff here at Nottingham High School:

Senior Management Team

Role Name  Contact
Headmaster  Mr Kevin Fear
Deputy Head (Academic)  Mr Paul Spedding
Deputy Head (Pastoral)  Miss Lisa Gritti
Assistant Head (Co-Curricular)  Mr Kieron Heath
Assistant Head (Academic)  Ms Sally Peacock
Assistant Head (Head of Sixth Form)  Mrs Wilma Robinson
Head of Infant & Junior School  Mrs Clare Bruce
Director of Finance & Operations  Mr Stuart Ramsey


Role Name  Contact
Head of Art Mrs Gemma Hainsworth
Teacher  Miss Melanie Kirbyshire
Teacher  Mrs Sue Radford
Teacher Mrs Gillian Riley


Role Name Contact 
Head of Biology Mrs Joanne Day
Teacher Mr Aaron Duckett
Teacher Mrs Judith Poole
Teacher Mrs Rachel Hulme


Role Name Contact 
Head of Chemistry Mr Iain Adshead
Teacher Mr Kieron Heath
Teacher Mrs Hollie Matthews
Teacher Dr Katharine Linton
Teacher Mrs Kate Costante
Teacher Mr Kieron Heath
Teacher Mrs Helen Wood


Role Name Contact
Head of Department Mr Robert Grant
Teacher Mr Ben Harrison
Teacher Mrs Jane Packer


Design Technology

Role Name Contact
Head of Department Mr Ben Thomas
Head of Department Mr Ian Thorpe

Drama and Theatre Studies

Role Name Contact
Head of Department Miss Charlotte Webster
Teacher Mrs Lisa Rogers

Economics & Politics

Role Name Contact
Head of Department Mr Peter Cramp
Teacher Mrs Wilma Robinson
Teacher Mr John McLean
Teacher Mrs Vicky Wicks


Role Name Contact
Head of Department Mr Scott Hiebert
Teacher Dr Benjamin Burton
Teacher Mrs Michaela Smith
Teacher Mr Matthew Neale
Teacher Dr Rachael Pearson
Teacher Mrs Rhian Wheeler
Teacher Georgina Harris

Food & Nutrition

Role Name Contact
Head of Food & Nutrition Mrs Helen Smeeth





Role Name Contact
Head of Geography Mr Neil Brown
Teacher Mrs Amy Lemon
Teacher Mr Colin Sedgewick
Teacher Mr Richard Kelsey


Role Name Contact
Head of History Miss Katherine Rich
Teacher Mr Simon Williams
Teacher Miss Laura Heathcote
Teacher Miss Claire Marsh

Information and Communications Technology

Role Name Contact
Head of Computing, ICT & E-learning Mrs Kerry Turner

Learning Support

Role Name Contact 
Learning Support Co-ordinator Mr Mark Glarvey


Role Name Contact
Head of Mathematics Mr Darren Brumby
Teacher Mrs Caroline Howat
Teacher Mrs Rachel Adams
Teacher Mr John Allen
Teacher Mr Simon Barr-Smith
Teacher Mr Richard Batchelor
Teacher Mrs Rachel Northedge
Teacher Mr Artie Smith
Teacher / Deputy Head (Pastoral) Mr Paul Spedding
Teacher Mr Peter Hurrell

Modern Foreign Languages

Role Name Contact
Head of MFL Mr Grahame Whitehead
Head of Spanish Miss Sophy McCabe
Teacher Mrs Victoria Pidgeon
Teacher Mr Adam Brown
Teacher Mrs Alison Griffin
Teacher Mr Tony Holding
Teacher Mr Andrew Winter
Language Assistant Mr Franz Rosas Franz
Language Assistant Ms Bettina Kruger
Language Assistant Miss Rachel Bedrock


Role Name Contact 
Director of Music Mr Stefan Reid
Assistant Director of Music Mr David Williams
Teacher Miss Natasha Smith

Instrumental Music Staff

Role Name Contact 
Oboe Ms Sue Edwards
Classical Guitar Mr Christopher Bell
Cello/Double Bass Mr Andrew Bound
Flute Mr Stephen Hicking
Bassoon Mr David Kennard
Organ/Piano Mr John Keys
Trombone Mr Peter Lacey
Piano Mr Kevin Leese
Voice Mr Timothy Lole
Percussion Mr Michael Sillitoe
French Horn/Trumpet Mr Jeff Snowdon
Saxophone Mr Chris Toon
Electric and Bass Guitar Mr Andy Gallagher  
Violin/Viola Mrs Melissa Woodhead  
Violin Mrs Alison Sutton  
Clarinet/Saxophone Dr S Watts  
Violin/Piano Mr Justin Burton  
Trumpet and Brass Mr S C Pepper   

Physical Education

Role Name Contact
Head of PE & Games Mr Martin Smith
Head of Girls' PE & Games Miss Georgie McAndrew
Director of Cricket Mr Mark Baker
Teacher Mr Paul Allison
Teacher Mr Chris Farman
Director of Hockey Mr Ian Cowley
Sports Assistant Mr Simon Payne
Director of Rugby Mr Stuart Whitehead


Role Name Contact
Head of Physics Mr Alex Robson
Teacher Mr Ben Hayton
Teacher Mr Chris Martin
Teacher Miss Lisa Gritti


Role Name Contact
Head of Psychology Miss Katie Lea-Smith
Teacher Miss Natalie Adams


Religious Studies

Role Name Contact
Head of Religious Studies Mrs Toni Ford
Teacher Mrs Elaine Nicolson
Teacher Mr Thomas Nixey


Head of Year Groups

Role Name Contact
Head of Year 7 Mr Christopher Farman
Head of Year 8 Mr Anthony Holding
Head of Year 9 Mr Simon Barr-Smith
Head of Year 10/11 Mrs Judith Poole
Head of Year 10/11 Miss Michaela Green
Head of Year 12/13 Mr Ben Harrison
Head of Year 12/13 Mr Stuart Whitehead

Support Staff

Role Name Contact 
Headmaster’s EA  Miss Rebecca Winch
Deputy Heads’ PA  Miss Grace Cooper
Receptionist  Mrs Kathryn Ready
Receptionist  Mrs Keri Wardle
Director of Finance & Operations  Mr Stuart Ramsey
PA to Director of Finance & Operations  Mrs Christine Winter
Operations Manager  Mr Paul Dunwell
Estates Manager  Mr John Willis
Operations Officer Miss Katy Spray
Finance Manager  Mr Barry Nicholls
Finance Officer  Mrs Serena Beckford
Head of Marketing and Admissions  Mrs Amy Taylor
Registrar Mrs Claire Clements
Development Officer  Mrs Deborah Penney
Manager of Development and Events Miss Kamala Newton
Librarian and School Archive  Mrs Yvette Gunther
Library Assistant  Mrs Sally Blythe
School Nurse  Ms Sarah Jacob
School Counsellor Mr James Hawes
Operations Administrator Mrs Irene Epworth
Catering Manager  Mr Moz Lynch
Administrator Mrs Dawn Wallis
Administrator Mrs Clare Lawrence-Forbes