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Nottingham High School

As we ready ourselves to undertake our new positions as Head Boy and Head Girl for the upcoming year, our main aim is to ensure the final stage of the transition to full coeducation goes as smoothly as the previous two years. The movement to open the school to girls has been extremely successful and we hope to build on this. It is also important that we ensure students feel confident in the chain of communication within the school, allowing for a comfortable, synergetic environment, where student voice is integral.

The school equips pupils for the 21st century, providing a solid base from which they are bound to achieve greatness.

As well as priding itself on its academic reputation, the school also offers a huge variety of cocurricular activities; each student is sure to find many opportunities that appeal to them. We always encourage all pupils to involve themselves in something new to broaden their horizons. Alongside growing students into well rounded individuals, the school equips pupils for the 21st century, providing a solid base from which they are bound to achieve greatness.

The school community continues to grow, with strong links between our increasing number of students, staff, parents and with the Old Nottinghamian’s networks still playing a role as valued as ever within the community. We hope the transition for any pupils joining throughout the school next year will be a welcoming and fulfilling one. Our work also expands into the local area, with lots of exciting charitable work including the community action project and regular fundraising for many global organisations.

The year ahead promises many exciting opportunities for all throughout the school community and we are thrilled to be able to interact with the public on behalf of the school, as well as being the voice of the pupils. As we embark on our final year, we look forward to working with students, teachers and parents alike and hope we can continue to build on the successes of integration so far. 

Harry Ashdown and Katherine Shaw