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Nottingham High School

As we prepare to take over what will be new roles in the forthcoming year, it is important for us to ensure the new and existing pupils gel together as well as our first cohort of girls have with the rest of the school this past year. We also aim to encourage all pupils to engage with both students and teachers, voicing any opinions they may have, to create a collaborative, happy school environment where pupils’ voices are heard.

The school prides itself in growing students into intelligent, respectable, well rounded people who, with the relentless support given by staff, are certain to go onto achieve many great things. The opportunities that are offered to students are endless; whether their interests lie in sport, music, debating, or many other areas, they are sure to find activities and opportunities that appeal to them. Alongside the academic excellence the school promotes, these extra curricular activities serve to broaden the horizons of our students and develop their interests beyond academia.

The school prides itself in growing students into intelligent, respectable, well rounded people

As we look towards our move further into co-education, it is clear to us that our school community has only been enriched by the addition of female students. This community involves all members of the school, whether they are students, staff, or relatives of the school. The school community also extends beyond our own walls with a diverse “Old Nottinghamian’s” network, and a lot of charitable involvement within our local area. We are confident the addition of even more female students will continue to be as natural and enriching as we already know it can be.

We are both excited and grateful to be the face of the pupils to the public, and the spokespeople to interact with senior members of staff this upcoming year. We have a passion for this school and all it provides and hope to share and inspire this within all in our school community.

Tom Walton and Emma Corden