In this post we will give insight into why it is important to make the correct education choices for your child as early as possible.

Here at the High School we recognise that each child’s education is a unique and individualised journey which builds year on year. Crucially that journey begins from their very first day when they come to us bursting with enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. From that moment, we begin to develop in them the skills that will make them the effective learners of the future. Skills such as motivation, self-confidence, vision and drive and we foster and cultivate that natural infectious curiosity to learn that you can already see in your child. It is never too early to begin that journey, and it has been scientifically proven starting as early as possible will benefit a child later in life.

Ultimately, the ethos and the vision that the school has, should match and emulate the ethos and vision that you have for your child at home. In order for your child to succeed at school, they need to be within a secure, caring and structured environment where their distinctive learning and development needs are known, are tracked and are nurtured so that they are supported throughout their learning; swiftly and immediately. Here at the High School even the very youngest pupils begin to develop positive attitudes to learning that are a delight to witness.

EYFS Class

You will want your child to be in small classes, where they can shine and not be lost. It really does make a difference. They will need dedicated and well-qualified staff who are entirely committed to each child’s academic needs and individual welfare.

Your child’s curriculum must be full, engaging, challenging and holistic to allow them opportunities to experience a rich variety of lessons within and beyond the classroom. The curriculum at the High School seeks to explore their talents and develop their gifts; and the extra opportunities available should excite their interest and boost their confidence and sense of self-worth. Here, they will have access to a wealth of quality resources to stimulate their learning and arouse their curiosity.

With our small class sizes and dedicated staff, there will be support for them at each stage of their learning through regular, careful tracking of their academic and pastoral progress so that they can be encouraged to reach and stretch their potential. And they will delight in finding friends here who, as they play and learn, will also embrace and celebrate the healthy learning culture around them.

Active Learning at Nottingham High School

And in this atmosphere, your child will be loved and cared for by their peers and by their staff. Their individuality will be admired in an environment where diversity is celebrated and prized. From that very first day, they will be aided to understand that they are valued, appreciated and respected for themselves and that understanding will allow them to grow into healthy and successful adults.

Ours is a happy school where all our children find that they can relax into and enjoy their learning, safe in the knowledge of our care. We would love for your child to be part of our family. We warmly invite you to book a tour with us so that we can personally show you our fabulous school and what we can offer your child. We look forward to meeting you.
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