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A Level Subjects

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Nottingham High School’s Sixth Form programme is based around A-levels that we believe will promote the best basis for higher education.



When students enter the Sixth Form, they are offered a programme of three subjects, or four if one option is Further Maths.

Four full A-level courses may be offered to suitably qualified students, although university offers are generally based on three A-level grades.

Students can also choose to work towards the Extended Project Qualification.



The following subjects are currently offered at A Level.

Art, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Design Technology, Drama and Theatre, Economics, English Language, English Literature, French, Further Maths, Geography, German, History, Latin, Maths, Music, PE, Physics, Politics, Psychology, Religious Studies, Spanish.

Our teachers are all specialists in their chosen field and their passion for their subjects is infectious. With their support and guidance, students are encouraged to manage their work effectively, developing the skills they will require for a university education and in their careers.

Studying in the Sixth Form of Nottingham High School is quite different from students’ earlier school years. The Sixth Form curriculum is challenging, but it is also flexible and offers tremendous choice. As students begin taking increased responsibility for their own work, they come to embrace their few freedoms and seek to make the most of all the fresh opportunities that come their way.

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