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Diversity and Inclusion

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Nottingham High School has, for some years now, placed building a culture of mutual respect and tolerance to equip its students and staff with the skills necessary to live in a diverse society at the heart of its school aims. This commitment is therefore consonant with the School’s aims, ethos and stated strategic goals.


Commitments and Statement of Intent

We are committed to an ambitious diversity and inclusion strategy, which underpins our desire to educate all those who are best able to flourish from a Nottingham High School education, regardless of their background, and we aim to broadly reflect the diversity of the City of Nottingham and surrounding areas.

This commitment is the starting point for an ongoing discussion. We are beginning these discussions alongside the reopening of the School in September 2020 and will update the School’s community throughout the academic year.

Our commitment is to ensure that Nottingham High School has a culture that actively promotes diversity and inclusion. This is as much about vision and ethos as it is about curriculum, systems and events. We aim to achieve this through an open and transparent process. We aim to make an authentic investment and to encourage nuanced thinking.
Our curriculum and co-curriculum, including the PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) programme, and pastoral systems remain effective vehicles through which to address issues surrounding diversity and inclusion. Students also consider their demographic context within the city and our community. One of the strengths of these vehicles are their adaptability, and we continually review, develop and refine them in response to the needs of the Nottingham High School community.

We will ensure that the School considers its approach to diversity and inclusion widely through the vision and ethos of the School and how that translates into policy and practice; and that people feel comfortable discussing the issues and understand that their views and experiences will be treated in an appropriately confidential manner.
Timeframe: As students are back with us face-to-face, we will run small open forums with a wide range of members of our community, both past and present, which will feed into the discussions of the working party and at Senior Management Team Meetings, including those involving the School’s governing body. We should therefore be able to report on the outcome of these forums by the Spring Term.

We welcome ideas, thoughts and constructive feedback from the whole Nottingham High School community. Contact either Mr Kevin Fear (fear.kd@nottinghamhigh.co.uk) or Mrs Michaela Smith (smith.ml@nottinghamhigh.co.uk) if you have something to share.