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The Arts

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Nurturing artistic talent at Nottingham High Infant and Junior School.

Confidence. Creativity. Imagination. All of these are essential skills for life, and all are developed here through the Arts.

The joy of self-expression.


Nothing beats the utter pride a parent feels when watching their child perform. Whether they are reading a poem in a poetry competition, playing an instrument in the school concert or making their stage debut in the Nativity play, the delight it brings is lasting.

In the same way, pupils here also experience a huge sense of satisfaction as they explore the arts and discover the joy of self-expression. Whether it’s throwing a pot in the art studio, painting a picture that captures the imagination, singing in a choir or acting in a school play, each child’s artistic talents are uncovered and encouraged. Pupils grow in confidence incredibly quickly here as their skills and talents outside of the classroom are nurtured and celebrated.



The School is well-resourced, with Infant and Junior School pupils benefitting from their own music rooms, art and design studios and halls for productions. As children make their way up the school they can begin to take advantage of the Senior School facilities too, including our building devoted entirely to music making and a theatre space with stage lighting and tiered seating for professional-level productions.