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School Trips

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Learning beyond the classroom

Our trips, visits and expeditions add great value to students’ time at Nottingham High School; there are wonderful opportunities available for all age groups.

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A wealth of opportunities


We encourage our pupils to embrace the many opportunities for learning outside of the classroom, with a rich variety of both residential and day trips available.

Whilst many are directly linked to the curriculum, the benefits to pupils go far beyond the purely academic. Our trips, visits and expeditions help to facilitate personal development, from working as a team to good time management and the chance to really stretch and test each individual. Through student exchanges, cultural tours, sports tours, challenging expeditions and trips across the UK and to all corners of the globe, the opportunities add up to a wealth of unforgettable experiences.

Our Trips


From our annual departmental trips to a variety of sports tours, ski trips and expeditions, there are a wide range of opportunities available for our students.

Curriculum visits are subsidised through departmental budgets, whilst a tremendously diverse range of co-curricular trip opportunities are available at varying costs. For any student who joins the school’s affiliated 34th Nottingham Scouts group. Support is also offered through the Scout Centenary Fund to ensure that no pupils will be excluded for financial reasons from activities, such as the summer camp. Click here for our provisional 2019- 2021 trips planner to see where our students will be visiting.