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School Catering

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Our Mission

Our mission is to use locally sourced ingredients to produce freshly prepared food that is varied, contemporary and nutritionally balanced, expanding our students’ food experiences and encouraging them to make healthy choices now and in the future.

Please use Wisepay for keeping your child’s catering account topped up.

This is the menu for the week ahead!



At the start of the day we offer breakfast from 7.45am to 8.40am, served from the Grab n Go Café in the Senior Dining Hall which is available to all our students and also in the brasserie for Sixth Form students. The menu includes hot items such as sausage and bacon cobs and also cereals, toast with preserves, danish pastries, croissants and waffles, all at reasonable prices. Parents are most welcome to join their children for breakfast.


Infant School Lunch

Lovell House benefits from its own dining hall and catering facilities. In the Infant School we always provide a meat or fish main meal and a vegetarian option with vegetables and salad, or a baked potato meal followed by a choice of a dessert or fresh fruit. The Infant School operates a 3-week menu cycle that allows parents the opportunity to discuss menu choices with their children or raise any dietary queries with us. Click here for a Lovell House Sample Menu.

Junior and Senior School Lunch


Both Junior, Senior and Sixth Form students can have lunch in our Senior Dining Hall, where a variety of different options are available.

Our ‘Classics’ counter offers meat/fish and vegetarian meal options accompanied by seasonal fresh vegetables and potatoes, rice or breads. We also have a ‘Chef’s Table’ servery which offers an ever-changing selection of pasta, noodles and fried rice with a variety of sauces. The ‘Street Food’ servery showcases our chefs’ flair with their take on popular street food from all over the world. Wherever possible each servery will offer vegetarian alternatives. Our self-service salad bar allows students to build themselves a side salad to accompany any of the above choices. To finish there is a variety of hot and cold desserts, fresh fruit and home baked cookies and flapjacks. We offer chilled tap water, squash by the glass, fruit juice, milk cartons and bottled drinks both carbonated and still.

catering staff handing lunch over to student

The Grab and Go counter offers an option for those who do not require a full meal or who have lunchtime activities that make it difficult for them to fit in a main meal. All of our sandwiches are freshly made each morning in our own kitchen and can be taken with portable versions of the cold desserts available at the main servery such as yoghurt pots with fruit coulis, fresh fruit, home baked cookies and flapjacks. Our premium branded choice known as ‘Love Joes’ provides a hot takeaway choice such as chicken wraps or vegetarian burritos. These are extremely popular and, despite having a brand name, these choices are still prepared and cooked from fresh each day by our own staff.

There is also a new Jacket Potato bar “Spudalicious” which provides a range of fillings with salad and includes a daily special.  This counter also provides students with medical dietary needs a bespoke meal prepared and named for their needs.  Parents can order directly by emailing Catering@nottinghamhigh.co.uk

The Senior School menu operates on a 6-week cycle, but by taking advantage of seasonal produce there is always something different on offer.



Sixth Form

Sixth Form students are welcome to dine in the main Dining Hall, as well as in our Brasserie where we offer a coffee shop/café style of food which provides options throughout the day to accommodate their study patterns. Hot food is available in the brasserie such as paninis, toasted sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers or vegetarian equivalents as well as healthy options such as soups and smoothies which are prepared daily in our kitchen. All food is cooked in the healthiest manner appropriate to the product, such as steaming or baking wherever possible.



Packed Lunches

We promote healthy eating throughout the school, and as our bread is baked overnight and sandwiches made fresh each morning, we believe that our School lunch offering more than matches most packed lunches. However we recognise that some parents do prefer to make their children’s lunches, so they are welcome to do so. We would be more than happy to discuss nutritional information with parents.

Please be aware that packed lunches are not an option for those in Lovell House Infant School.

After School

Our Brasserie is open until 4.30pm for warm snacks for students involved in after school activities or waiting for their parents.


Students paying for lunch

The school operates on a cashless catering system using students’ thumb prints – a quick and easy method that allows them to move quickly through the tills. Parents can use our online payment system, WisePay, to load a cash value onto their child’s account.


Contact Us

We welcome contact from parents to discuss any aspect of our catering provision. If you have any questions please call our Catering Manager Col Cluskey on 0115 845 2262 or email us at Catering@nottinghamhigh.co.uk