We are celebrating again this week after achieving a record set of GCSE results! This year’s cohort has excelled; 51.9% of grades were secured at the equivalent of top Grades 8 and 9 which is the School’s highest ever figure since GCSEs stopped being modular.

An incredible 14 pupils gained the equivalent of at least ten 8/9 Grades and 26 pupils each gained the equivalent of at least 10 Grades 7-9. 32% of all passes were at the highest possible grade 9.

This year’s GCSE and A Level results are expected to show that the School has gained some of the highest results in the region.

Headmaster Kevin Fear said: “These are a truly remarkable set of results following on from our brilliant A Level results last week. It is tremendous that over half of all of our passes were at Grades 8/9 and particularly noteworthy is that six of our students gained a full set of Grade 9s. Our students, their parents and their teachers can be incredibly proud of this significant achievement. This year group have worked incredibly hard and are also an impressive set of characters who excel in music, drama and on the sports fields. They are all so much more than just these exam grades but it is tremendous that they have been rewarded by such fantastic results”.