Despite the many challenges that our students have faced during the Covid Crisis, Nottingham High School students are celebrating again this week after achieving an outstanding set of GCSE results. This year’s cohort has excelled, 58.3% of grades were secured at the equivalent of Grades 8 and 9. 78.8% of Grades were at Grade 7 or above. An incredible 13 pupils gained the equivalent of at least 10 Grade 9s and 24 pupils each gained the equivalent of at least 10 Grades 8-9. 37.1% of all passes were at the highest possible grade 9.

Headmaster Kevin Fear said: “These are a truly excellent set of results following on from our brilliant A-level results. We recognise all the uncertainty that this cohort faced but their grades are the result of their two years of hard work and their determination throughout the lockdown period. Whilst it is not really possible to compare this year’s grades with those achieved in the past, these results confirm the academic strength of the High School. Our students, their parents and their teachers can be incredibly proud of this significant achievement. Equally important though is that this year group has excelled in other areas, including during the lockdown period where they have raised significant sums for charity through a cycle ride the equivalent distance of cycling to Yemen and through another pupil learning Pi to 2000 digits. Their social conscience has shown through and is one of the many qualities that characterise this impressive year group. The uncertainty that they faced through the lockdown and over how their results were to be calculated cannot be underestimated so it is brilliant that they enter our Sixth Form with such a strong set of qualifications.”

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