We are excited to announce that Nottingham High School has been selected as the winner for the Healthy Eating category in the Independent Schools of the Year Awards 2020.

In September 2019, we opened a second brand new food and nutrition room and with that have introduced a new and exciting KS3 course and curriculum, this looks to develop the core skills and knowledge around the themes of a healthy diet, practical skills, food preparation and cooking skills, food safety and active lifestyles. To support the new curriculum, the development of an ‘e-cookbook’ is underway, this includes 52 recipes that Students will make by the end of the key stage. The cookbook has been specifically written by the Head of Food and Nutrition to offer a range of exciting recipes to progressively develop practical skills and teach the importance of nutritional food and ingredients. Each recipe comes with ingredients, method, nutritional information, suggestions for adaptions for dietary needs and a section to offer stretch and challenge activities for our Students. The resource has proved popular and is being used by other Schools. http://connect.nottinghamhigh.co.uk/flipbook/index.html?page=1

The past 12 months have seen the whole School get a lot more involved in Food and Nutrition activities. Senior School Students have the opportunity to participate in a range of fun practical food based activities offered weekly, the uptake of these clubs has been very popular, many of the activities include fundraising for local charities (e.g supporting local food banks and soup kitchens). For Sixth Form Students, we offer a course where Students are challenged to cook a range of healthy nutritionally balanced meals on a budget, in aim to prepare Students to live independently, we call this ‘Ready Steady University’.

Our ongoing developing department has helped us connect with the food industry and professional chefs. Former Student and Master Chef: The Professionals winner, Laurence Henry, often visits the School to host demonstrations and competitions. Our Year 8 Students have also taken part in workshops with The Artisan School of Cookery.

This year we have seen the number of Students opting to study Food and Nutrition at GCSE double! This clearly demonstrates the impact of the improved curriculum and activities.

In recent times, we have changed what we serve to our Staff and Students to encourage a healthier lifestyle. In the Senior School servery, we have a ‘main’ counter, which offers a meat, fish or vegetarian meal accompanied by seasonal vegetables. We have recently replaced our pasta bar with a ‘Variety’ bar, where we offer a range of healthy options. The ‘Lite Bite’ counter has now been replaced with the ‘Explore’ bar and this allows our chefs the opportunity to explore their flair and provide their take on popular street food from all over Britain and overseas. We also offer a salad bar every day, where staff and students can add a side salad to their meal. The Senior School operates loosely on a 6-week cycle but, by taking advantage of seasonal produce there is always a way to differ the meals and therefore not only encourage healthy eating in new ways but allow everyone to try a wide range of new foods.

A huge congratulations and thank you goes to our Food & Nutrition department, our catering team and our enthusiastic Students for helping us achieve this fantastic award.